Digify Virtual Data Room Review

Today companies that need to securely share and protect sensitive documents for financial transactions and offers prefer Digify Data Room. Here is more about its functionality.

Flexibility and scalability of business processes via Data Room software

Nowadays business interest in cloud-based technologies is growing. Many companies, as they develop, reach a stage when the implementation of a comprehensive information system for the secure storing of sensitive data becomes a necessary condition. If small businesses can still do with a standard office suite of applications for working with electronic documentation, it is difficult to find one that does not use Data Room among medium and large companies. Business process automation systems are used primarily for the automation of document management and routine multi-step office operations.

Virtual Data Room is an information system that helps to optimize the execution of individual business processes, to speed up the collection and analysis of information. The concept of the Data Room is to create a single data warehouse that contains all the business information accumulated by the organization in the course of doing business, including financial information, data related to production, personnel management, and any other data.

Virtual Data Room implementation is not just a step in development, it is a digital leap in business transformation. The software helps collect data and monitor metrics in real-time, improving interactions with business partners wherever they are.

The document management mechanism in the Data Room has several stages. The first stage is to create a document. Then – its transportation (transfer), orderly storage, and reproduction (or other use).

High speed of approval, data availability, distribution of roles and access rights, full control over data work, high-quality planning, data storage, a single database – all this allows you to automate work processes. The functionality of the Data Room is so extensive that it can simplify many tasks.

Digify Virtual Data Room: how does it work?

Digify is a secure Virtual Data Room that enables companies and entrepreneurs to protect and track documents and maintain control over their protected information.

The software offers a secure repository that is easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. Thousands of companies save time with Digify to share sensitive documents with partners, customers and investors. Our solution combines document security, automated watermarks, and file tracking functions at one fixed affordable price.

Digify Data Room is characterized by the following features:

  • always reliable and up-to-date information;
  • the ability to analyze information at the right time and make the right management decisions based on it;
  • transparency of operations;
  • minimization of abuse and theft by staff;
  • saving money by optimizing business processes and preventing the consumption of resources;
  • minimization of human errors;
  • prevention of loss of income due to effective management of activities;
  • prevention of loss of income due to the exclusion of unprofitable products and/or unprofitable units;
  • the ability to effectively manage a group of enterprises and remote units;
  • information protection;
  • orderly relations with clients;
  • possibility of remote business management.

In addition, Digify software uses modern means of sending documents and turns them into a new and intelligent way of communication. The ability to work with attachments is available in any function of the system. For each type of document, the system allocates its type of attachments. That is, documents of a certain type correspond only to attachments of this type.