ShareVault Data Room Review

Do you have several offices in different places? Do you need secure document management among your offices or for collaboration with partners? Here is more about ShareVault Data Room for business needs.

Protect your assets with a security Data Room solution

The rapid development of virtual technologies contributes to the improvement of all areas of human interaction, workflow optimization, and mechanization of production. The implementation of electronic document management in both the public and private sectors of management has a positive impact on the process of working with documents, in particular, improves the quality of their study, analysis, and allows maximum systematization of documentation. Thus, Virtual Data Room (VDR) software, which is based on electronic document management, is widely used.

Despite the obvious advantages, the main constraint on the use of cloud services in companies is the problem of security.  An effective way to solve the problem of security of information storage is data encryption. The provider providing access to the data must encrypt the client’s information, and in the absence of the need for further storage, promptly delete it. Encrypted data must be available only after authentication. Tokens and certificates are used to ensure their higher reliability. Then the data will be protected even in case of access through unreliable nodes.

The organization of the Virtual Data Room will ensure:

  • safely information exchange, because inside the created virtual tunnel the data is encrypted using the secure SSL protocol;
  • working with a single database;
  • providing full access of remote users to the resources of the corporate information network from anywhere on the Internet;
  • there will be no need to buy expensive IP channels from providers to merge offices.

Virtual Rooms implement a similar set of tools for data storage and document management (capabilities of electronic data warehouses, version level management, authorization control to protect access to information).

ShareVault Data Room for your deals

ShareVault Data Room is a virtual environment for data storing during mergers and acquisitions, asset management, auditing, fundraising, bankruptcy, Due Diligence,  and organizational restructuring. It is a modern, broad-based solution for managing business processes and the teamwork of the company’s employees. The main advantages of cloud computing are independence from the software platform and geographical location, as well as the possibility of scalability.

ShareVault is used in the IT infrastructure of large and medium-sized companies in any field of activity. The implementation of the system allows to close a wide range of internal tasks of the company:

  • documentation flow management;
  • tracking the implementation of tasks set within the processes;
  • information security;
  • integration with accounting systems for data enrichment;
  • review, accounting, and recording of business processes;
  • determining the performance of employees, departments, the company as a whole;
  • formation of a system of design, realization, and controlling of internal business processes.

ShareVault allows you to work with documents in a team at the same time and enter the necessary data in real-time. Everyday tools are easily integrated into the system. To save time, the search takes place in seconds for all integrations simultaneously in several sources of information. The sequence of work in the service is as follows: download or create documents from system templates, exchange documents, control the process of approval and signing of the document in the system.

The advantages of the Data Room are increasing efficiency, timeliness, accuracy, transparency, the efficiency of business processes. This reduces the time, labor, and financial costs associated with processing information and documentation, as well as minimizing the risks posed by the human factor.